Sahaaya Classic

$9.99 / month with a 30-day free trial

A great way to start experiencing Sahaaya’s capabilities and see how it can help you take care of your loved seniors from afar.  Get access to several key apps including Pulse Check, Trust Circle, To Do List, Marketplace and more!

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Sahaaya Classic is a monthly subscription plan built to provide our members a helping hand in taking care of their aging parents and loved seniors, wherever they may live in the world!  Built on the Sahaaya platform, this plan includes several useful apps to be used by both members and their seniors.  Key apps included:

  • Pulse Check
  • Trust Circle
  • To Do List
  • Marketplace & much more!

With this plan, Sahaaya can check-in on your seniors at a time and frequency of your choosing to confirm they are doing ok.  In case they do not respond, use the Trust Circle to configure a set of neighbors, friends, family or physicians to be alerted and request a physical check.  Sahaaya can connect with members via multiple means including the web & mobile app, text messaging, WhatsApp or even a phone call!  You get to choose what works best for your family.

Please note Sahaaya is intended to be a regular communication and solution-enabling platform for families.  It is not intended to be used as an Emergency or Medical Urgency management tool; you should leverage local emergency services for such requirements.