Configuring Sahaaya For First Time Use

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I use SMS, WhatsApp or phone call?  It’s totally up to you and your seniors’ preference.  SMS text messaging is a very reliable form of short communication, although based on your cellular plan, you may incur additional charges.  WhatsApp is a great internet-based messaging platform with very wide global reach.  Phone calls are well, phone calls and you will interact with an automated system for quick questions & answers.  
  2. What does the S.O.S. button do?  The S.O.S. button is a quick way for seniors to alert their care givers as well as all their Trust Circle members with one action.  It does NOT call any local emergency services but does send alert messages to all members that have been setup for this kind of notification.  For immediate emergency assistance, please use 911 or equivalent local services.
  3. Can I add multiple care receivers?  Yes, you can add as many as 5 care receivers for FREE!
  4. Can I make changes to my Profile later?  Absolutely, you can always change your personal information as well as configuration settings at any time.
  5. What are Sahaaya apps?  Sahaaya is a platform, with many individual tools – called apps or applications that you can choose to use.   Think of it like a tool-box with multiple tools inside it, with each solving a unique problem.  Over time, we will have multiple new apps to further simplify senior care.
  6. What does it mean that the app is in Beta mode?  We are rapidly designing and building features to benefit our members and we would like to get them to you quickly.  In beta launch mode, we occasionally may find some issues with the platform that we will rectify rapidly and ask for your inputs and patience ahead of time.
  7.  When should I use the To-Do List?  A good way to use this app would be to enter some common tasks that both the senior and their care givers need to track e.g. “Set up follow-up appointment with Dr. Jay“.  When a task is setup or updated, the connected members get a notification via SMS text or any mechanism selected in the Profile.
  8. What is the Reading Corner?  Sahaaya will post articles on topics we hope will be useful and interesting reading.
  9. What are My Offers?  Sahaaya is building a marketplace where you can find some great deals on products and services to help in taking care of your seniors.  Take a look a sampling on our app, but browse the entire, growing collection on our website.  We try to find the best value for our members by working directly with suppliers globally – this sometimes results in delivery times that could take a couple of weeks. 

Additional Support

If you have any additional questions, please email us at