Learn about some of our apps and how they could help you!

Pulse Check

Increase peace of mind knowing that your loved seniors have been contacted and are doing ok, on a daily basis.

Trust Circle

In addition to the Care Giver, setup additional family members, friends, neighbors, and others to be notified in case of urgent issues.

To Do List

A simple way for Seniors and their Care Givers to keep track of select important tasks and activities, all in one spot.


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Reading Corner

Get access to some interesting articles from the Sahaaya blog and other fun sources.

Activity Tracker

Track your daily activity, sleep and more with Fitbit, seamlessly integrated with Sahaaya.

Meds Minder

Need a helpful reminder to stay on top of your medication? Use the app to remind yourself or alert your care giver.

Memory Bucket

A fun tool to share a fond memory with your loved ones and send a smile their way.


Track your progress over time and gain useful insights on how others in the community are doing.