5 Safety Tips For A Senior-Friendly Home

While most senior citizens want to age in place and spend their old age days independently, many safety and mobility concerns might come in the way.

For that reason by making just a few simple changes, you can make your home safe and accessible where it’s easy for the elderly to move around and perform the daily activities.

Here are a few tips for a senior-friendly home.

1.   Avoid Using Area Rugs

Area rugs may move when walked on and can therefore cause a senior citizen to slip and fall, resulting in potentially dangerous injuries.

For a senior-friendly home, you should replace area rugs with non-slip carpets that are fixed firmly to the floor.

2.   Install Grab Bars

One of the most important things to do is to install grab bars near and in the toilets as well as in the bathtub or shower.

For seniors who can’t walk properly, this simple addition will reduce the chances of falling to a significant extent.

3.   Make Sure The Door Handles And Faucets Are Comfortable

Considering the diminishing strength of the elderly, you should make sure that all the door handles and faucets are easy to use.

This means they won’t have to depend on anyone every time they want to walk around the house or use the sink, giving them a sense of independence.

4.   Install Light Switches At The Top And Bottom Of The Stairs

Placing light switches on the top and bottom of the stairs will prevent seniors from falling at night. Also, make sure you keep the night-lights switched on at nighttime to avoid accidents.

Moreover, the staircase should have handrails to provide maximum support to seniors.

5.   Install A Ramp With Handrails At The Front Door

Fresh air, morning sun, and walking are essential for seniors’ health. Make it easy for them to move out of the house and come back in without depending on anyone.

A simple way to go about this is by installing a ramp with handrails at the front door. And if they use a wheelchair, make sure you have a wheelchair ramp in place for their ease and comfort.

With these simple yet effective tips, get ready to make your home safe and senior-friendly!

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